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Online Store

Hey guys, I am really sorry that the online store is still not up and running. We ran into some technical problems when setting it up. We have somebody working on it right now and hope to have everything sorted out real soon. I will of course let all of you know as soon as the store is officially ready to go.

If you have been wanting a watch and will be anywhere near Orem today, you can come down and get one at the vineyard complex (400 south 1850 west) where i will be doing an appearance at the Strikerfest from 4-6pm.

Again, sorry for the delay, hope to see you guys soon!


2 Tickets for tonight’s game against Houston!

Who needs tickets for our game against Houston tonight at RTS? let’s play a little game called “Who am I”.

I grew up in NY and started playing soccer at a young age. after all, my dad played professionally, so it was in my blood. i was a member of the U-17 US National Team that reached the semi-finals in New Zealand in 1999 (along with Donovan, Beasley, and Beckerman), and then went on to play college soccer at Duke University. after four years at Duke, i signed a professional contract with the colorado rapids in MLS. i played one year for the rapids and then came over to Real Salt Lake in their inaugural season of 2005. i finished my playing career in NY the following year, and currently work and reside in Manhattan. Who am I ???

Whoever is the first person to reply to this post with the correct answer will receive 2 tickets for tonight’s game against Houston. PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO COME TO THE GAME. I will respond to the winner and leave the tickets under their name at will call. Good Luck!


Who wants to shave my head?

Recently, Robbie Russell (a fellow RSL defender) came up with a great idea to raise some money for cancer research- by having people donate in order to make him shave off his Grizzly Adams like beard. since i have been receiving a lot of requests from everyone to go back to my old look and shave my head again (not to mention i could use a little trim as you can see), i thought it might be a good time to jump on the bandwagon and see if we could raise even a little more money to add to robbie’s initiative…

so, here’s the deal- for all of you who have been asking me to shave my head (and those of you who just want to join in donating because you’re awesome, and hate cancer) please text HUNTSMAN to 50555 and that will automatically make a $10 donation to cancer research.

if you are overly excited about me going back to my old haircut and want to do the shaving yourself, respond to this post with a bid of how much you would be willing to pay in order for me to trust YOU with the clippers. there is one catch though, you have to be available to do it tomorrow afternoon (sometime between 2-5pm) at Rio Tinto Stadium.  alright, lets start the bidding!!!


Store Opening!

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a quick heads up that my online store (right here on my website) will be opening soon!  We have some awesome new products coming: including these Wingert Watches by Deuce Brand (featured down below). I think you guys are really going to love these watches.  I wear mine around casually, and when I am playing- its ideal for both worlds.

We are also going to have brand new First Aid kits by Shield-Saftey, formerly available only to the military and professional sports world, now available to you!  These kits will be perfect for parents dealing with injuries at home and also on the field.

My banners will be on sale too, as well as some autographed pictures, post cards, and stickers.  the store should be up and running sometime in the next few days.  hope you guys are as excited as I am!


Wingert Watches by Deuce Brand

Deuce Brand Wingert Watch

– 3 ATM Water Resistant

-LCD Screen

-Surgical silicone rubber

-Ultra light at 10 grams


The Winners

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in the auction!  like i said before, 100% of the proceeds is going to helping the people of Japan, so you are doing a great thing by getting involved. Congratulations to Denzel Eslinger- who won the signed jersey with a $200 bid, and to Nichelle Elton- who won the autographed ball with a bid of $180.

Denzel and Nichelle, please send an email to stating which item you won and the address of where you would like the item sent.  Denzel, please let me know if you would like me to write anything specific on the jersey (who to make it out to, and a short message).  we will then respond to the both of you with who to make the check out to and where to send it.

I am also going to match the total amount that we raised, so together we will be donating $760.  to the people in Japan right now, i realize that is a very small amount of money considering the damage that has taken place, but hopefully this little bit will help.  Thanks again to everyone who participated in the auction. Hope to see most of you next week when we take on LA in our home opener!


Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

Due to the recent earthquake in Japan, i think it’s a good time to raise some more money for those in need. similar to last time, i am going to auction off an autographed ball (signed by the whole team), as well as one of my 2010 Real Salt Lake jerseys (that i will sign and personalize for the winner).

Here is how you can win: when you want to bid on one (or both) of the items just respond to this post with a “comment”, explaining which item you are bidding on and how much you would like to bid. please do NOT respond with a bid on facebook or twitter, because then everyone else will be unable to see the highest current bid. The minimum bids are $100 for each item. I will stop the bidding on wednesday, and announce the winner (then i will give the winner details on where to send the money and how they will receive the item that they won).

100 percent of the proceeds will go straight to disaster relief in Japan. Let’s try to help these people in what must be an incredibly difficult time! Start the bidding…

ps. if the winner would prefer a red or yellow jersey (short or long sleeve) instead of a white one, that is fine, it’s your choice!

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